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Automotive Lifts

2 post automotive lifts for sale in mississippi

2 Post Lifts

-A.E.W. offers ALI gold certified Rotary 2 post lifts ranging from 10,000lbs up to 20,000lbs capacity.

-Lifts are available in asymmetric and symmetric.

4 post automotive lifts

4 Post Lifts

-A.E.W. offers ALI gold certified Rotary 4 post lifts ranging from 14,000lbs up to 30,000lbs capacity.

car lift for auto shops near tupelo

Low Rise Lifts

-A.E.W. offers Rotary low-rise lifts in 7,000 and 10,000lbs setups.

-Low-rise lifts offer quick and easy access for tire and brake work.

shockwave 2 post and 4 post lifts

Shockwave Lifts

-A.E.W. offers Rotary Shockwave Lifts in 2-post and 4-post setups.
-Shockwave offers 2xfaster rise and descent times.
-Shockwave is powered by two standard Group 24 batteries which are charged using 110v power, eliminating the need for 220v wiring.

SPO16 and SPO20

  • Turn to a lift that’ll pick up class 1 through class 5 vehicles.
  • Turn to a lift that has patented Trio™ arms so your technicians can easily position adapters where needed.
  • Turn to greater arm reach and service more with this versatile lift.
  • Add Shockwave™ and turn heads with speed, 110-volt DC power and accurate spotting with laser guidance.

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