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Hunter Wheel Balancers

Hunter wheel balancers allow you to easily diagnose and solve vibration issues, save time and minimize weight usage. The Road Force Touch®, SmartWeight®, QuickMatch®, DSP9200 and DSP7705 balancers greatly improve productivity and save time and money. Hunter wheel balancers are capable of handling new and difficult assemblies.

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Road Force Touch®

Road Force Touch® delivers exceptional balancing service and performs a Road Force® measurement to easily diagnose and solve vibration issues faster than a traditional wheel balance. Road Force Touch® balancers offer:

  • Road Force® measurements
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • On-Demand training videos
  • StraightTrak® measurement eliminates pulls
  • SmartWeight® technology saves money on correction weights
  • eCal automatic calibration
demonstration of a hunter wheel balancer

SmartWeight® Touch

SmartWeight® Touch is the fastest floor-to-floor balancer of it’s kind. SmartWeight® Touch uses WeightSaver® technology to save wheel weights and eliminate weight chasing. SmartWeight® Touch balancers feature:

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • On- Demand training videos
  • CenteringCheck® eliminates setup errors
  • SmartWeight® technology minimizes weight usage
  • eCal automatic calibration

DSP Series

The DSP9200 and DSP7705 are accurate, economy balancers that include CenteringCheck® to ensure proper centering and eliminate setup errors. The Dataset® Arms provide automatic ‘direct measure’ to auto-select balancing mode and eliminate manual data entry errors.

  • DSP9200
  • DSP7705

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Wheel balance and tire rotation must be performed at regular intervals to prevent suspension wear, vibration and irregular tire wear. Wheel balancers can allow the technician to quickly and easily diagnose and eliminate vibration issues. The distribution of mass within the wheel must be balanced by placing clip or adhesive correction weights to eliminate imbalance forces and ensure a smooth ride. Wheel balancers can also detect wheel or tire runout and force variation, allowing technicians to solve other conditions that may cause vibration.