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Hunter Alignment Systems

AEW carries top of the line Hunter wheel alignment systems. The HawkEye Elite®, HawkEye® and ProAlign® alignment systems running on WinAlign® alignment software can greatly improve the efficiency of your service facility. Wheel alignment is an important component of overall vehicle health and should not be considered an elective service. Hunter’s alignment systems are available in multiple configurations to fit virtually every shop need.

HawkEye Elite® Alignment System

HawkEye Elite® uses four precision cameras to measure the position of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors. QuickGrip® adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and potential rim damage. The HawkEye Elite® increases efficiency by producing results in just 90 seconds. Benefits of Hunter’s HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment system include:

  • Multiple configurations
  • Faster setup
  • Lighter, narrower targets
  • Low maintenance
  • High resolution cameras
  • Quickly recall OE specifications

WinAlign® Alignment System

Award-winning WinAlign® alignment software maximizes profit and productivity. Featuring the most extensive vehicle information database for North America’s 220 million vehicles, vehicle-specific procedures to guide technicians and patented and award-winning power tools. WinAlign® software boosts productivity through:

  • WinAlign® customizable result printouts
  • ExpressAlign® streamlines each alignment
  • WinToe® ensures a straight steering wheel every time
  • Tools and kits database

ProAlign® Alignment System

Alignment measurements in just minutes! Pronto digital imaging technology alignment service optimized for speed and efficiency with simple operation and low cost of ownership. Digital cameras measure the position and orientation of the wheels with pinpoint accuracy using reflective targets.

  • Perform alignments at ANY height.
  • No electronics or cords at the wheel.
  • No cables or batteries.
  • No calibration required.
  • No downtime from accidental drops.
  • Self centering adaptors easily handle wheels up to 24in.

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Wheel alignment is an integral part of automotive maintenance and requires the alignment of the wheels according to the vehicle centerline and adjustment of the toe, camber and caster angles of the wheels to OEM specifications. Proper wheel alignment is important to help reduce tire and suspension wear, increase fuel economy and regain original factory handling characteristics. Wheel alignment must be checked at regular intervals and adjusted when necessary, especially after the installation of new tires, tire rotation, replacement of suspension or steering system parts and after body or collision repairs.